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The Art of Storytelling
When the storyteller speaks, the sun and the clouds stop to listen

Available as a 2 hour workshop.

Learn how to use your voice as a communication tool, from the heart to the head, as the power and diversity of storytelling is explored. Cultures throughout the world have always told stories as a way of passing down their beliefs, traditions and history. Whether you are an educator, parent, grandparent or storylover, The Art of Story can help you give voice to the stories you are waiting to tell.

You will learn:

  • Where to find stories - bibliography and internet bibliography provided.
  • Vocal techniques to bring your story alive.
  • Tips for defining the characters in your story.
  • How to use gestures and movements to help tell story.
  • How to cope with stagefright.
  • You will leave with a story to tell!

For me, being in Linda’s workshops, The Art of Storytelling, was like stepping into a magic garden, where every flower bore the same name...Love of Story. Linda’s workshop gave me the basic skills to tell my first story. A chance to explore my inner-self, and take some risks. A chance to learn...to change...to stretch.
-Judy Edelman - workshop participant

Storytelling Across the Curriculum
A fact of meaning may be the smallest unit of information, but a story is the smallest unit of meaning. - Kieran Egan

Why Include Storytelling in School?

  • Listening skills are enhanced, increased concentration and ability to recall information
  • Oral speaking sklls are developed, self-expression, self-esteem and self-confidence increased.
  • Reading stories improves language skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing and story recall, and children become familiar with the characteristic rhythms and structures of language and story.
  • Writing is enhanced as students hear and tell their own stories. Standard story components such as beginning and ending, plot, characters, setting, and theme come more naturally to children who listen to story.
  • Storytelling promotes inventive thinking and problem-solving skills, expands the imagination and broadens student’s knowledge base.
  • Hearing stories from around the world creates an awareness and appreciation of other ethnic cultures.

As a three hour workshop you will learn how you can utilize story as a creative teaching tool that enriches and supports curriculum standards. Sample lesson plans, exercises and stories are provided.

As a four week residency, Linda will come into classrooms and students will directly experience the dramatic arts by actively participating in exercises that enhance their critical, creative, listening skills, and their appreciation and comprehension of literature. Visual aids, rhythm instruments and props help the children exercise their imaginative powers as three Aesop’s fables are brought to life. These fables will be connected to many core subjects, such as literature, history, science, and creative writing. This is an in-service f or teachers as well.

Up to five 40 minutes classes can be scheduled.

* A two hour pre -workshop for teachers is recommended with the four week residency program.

A Postition Statement from the Committee on Storytelling by the National Council of Teachers of English http://www.ncte.org/positions/story.html

I think you taught not only me but my whole class to use their creativity. I think since you have been here, even our teachers have been using more and more creativity. Jessie - 4th grade student

As principal of Fern Drive School in Fullerton I have had the privilege of having
Linda King Pruitt share her storytelling skills with my students and staff. She is fabulous!
- Harriet Hermann, Principal

How to Dramatize Stories for Creative Storytelling
Teachers not only teach, but they also learn.

Creative storytelling stimulates development of: language development, self-expression, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, creativity, empathy, social awareness, values and attitudes.
Creative storytelling can be used in a variety of classroom educational acitivities, to help bring curricular ties alive, whether they be math, science, social studies, music, fine arts or laguage arts.
This two hour interactive workshop will show you how easy and fun it is to bring stories alive for performance or classroom participation. Sound instruments, simple props and imaginations help well known stories take on a new life.

• Creative Storytelling and Writing with Pourquoi Stories: Puppets as Prompts

“Why is sky so far away?” “Why is the ocean blue?” “Why does the turtle have cracks on his back?” Pourquoi is the French word for “why”, and the Pourquoi Tales are those stories that explain how things came to be. In this interactive workshop you will learn how to quickly create pourquoi
stories using handpuppets as a prompt. A fun way to promote writing and performance skills for the classroom or storyteller. Sample lesson plan that supports curriculum standards provided.

Great workshop!  My friends and I had lots of exciting conversation about our morning on the drive home. It was wonderful to be in a room with so much creative energy.  My daughters, 10 and 5, helped me write stories all afternoon. - Kathy

Building a Family Tradition Through Storytelling
Talk to your children while they are eating; what you say will stay even after you are gone -
Nez Perce

with your family to the daily stories of your lives. In our busy times the evening gathering around the fireplace has been replaced by television and computers. There has never been a time when we have been in more need of story.
Learn ways you can bring your family together. Storytelling is the oldest form of education. Cultures throughout the world have always told stories as a way of passing down their beliefs, traditions and history.
those stories that help a family define their identy. Story is one of the best ways to make memories of the past come alive.

Thank you for your fabulous storytelling performance at our Saddleback Valley YMCA’s Family Fun Friday. It was a delight to see children and adults participating .
- La Val Brewer, Associate Executive Director



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