Linda’s enthusiasm for storytelling is immediately contagious, which leads to a very engaging and interactive experience for all involved. After Linda’s presentation, my university students couldn’t wait to engage in their own brand of storytelling. Linda is a wonderfully inspirational artist and teacher!
- Kathi Cook - Department of Theatre and Dance, California State University, Fullerton

Watching Linda perform is a lesson in the art of magical transformation to unique times and unusual places. - Marline Adams, reporter for San Clemente Journal

To say that Linda ‘spins’ magic’ is to understate her performance.
- Pam Hawley - Section President, American Camping Association, Southern California

Numerous museum patrons approached me after your performance to tell me how much they enjoyed it; you have such a magical rapport with audiences.
- Sarah J. Vyden, Program Coordinator, Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center

Thank you for creating an evening filled with magic. To hold 200 young Girl Scouts attention and teach them that they are ‘keepers of stories’ too is a tremendous gift.
- Natasha Palmaer, Newport Harbor Girl Scouts

What Kids Have to Say About Having Fun With Fables

I really like the “Lion and the Mouse” because it taught me that small things can help a lot, and that they can save your life. - Daniel

I told my little sister of “Mercury and theWoodsman”. She loved that one the most. I’ve also told her all the other stories. When I grow up I also want to be a storyteller just like you. It was fun when you had us do what the words said with out using our mouth. - Leanna

I want to thank you for teaching us about the art of storytelling. But what I mostly want to thank you for is the fact that you inspired me to become a storyteller. My favorite fable is “The Tortoise and the Hare” because I believe that it gave the most valuable lesson. - Ashley

It was fun when we got to dress up and talk. The best story I liked was “The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat.” - Jessica

What Middle School Kids Have to Say About Storytelling

After you came for six weeks I realized that storytelling is not just an assignment instead it gets to be a lot of fun. Thank you for showing that to me. - Daniel

I enjoyed it because it wasn’t just learning, it was fun. - Jessica

I thought that the best part of telling my story was the end because I felt really good when people clapped and I took my bow. - Eduardo

I loved learning about the origins of my story and my social studies project came out great when I tied it into my story and the things I knew about my story. - Lisa

I’ve had a great six weeks with you. You taught us so much and when I have kids I will always tell them stories. - Haley

I feel extremely fortunate to learn these skills not only for my sake, but to also tell oral stories to my children. - Hilary

I’d just like to say thanks for helping me mold my story to fit me better, for helping me build up my courage, and for taking six weeks to work with me and my class. - Harrison

I think that, many people in our class, including me, have some glossophobia, fear of public speaking and I think that you helped some people with having us make ups tories in front of the class and telling some of our story. - Tricia

You reallly helped me get over my fear of speaking in front of the class. - Briana

You helped me not to be nervous while I was presenting my story. - Grahm

You not only taught us how to story tell, but you made it interesting and fun. I really enjoyed you you invited all the kids, (including me), up to the class to experience the fun and joy of storytelling. - Isha

You taught me how to have more feeling and thought into my story. I will probably use the things you taught us throughout my life. Thank you. - Taylor

Your teaching inspired me t o enter and write these poems. I can’t explain why it did, but I know you helped me with my self-esteem. I’m also thinking about becoming a storyteller, just like you. - Lisa


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