How’d you get to be a storyteller?”

I was raised on tall tales from my Dad, Native American stories from my Choctaw grandmother, and folk and fairytales from my Mom. I always had a love of story, but it wasn’t until I had returned to college as an adult, that it all came together.

I was an American Studies major, loving every moment of it, but not sure what I was going to do with that major. And then...I heard a storyteller...and he was telling a story about an actual figure in California history. Jim Cogan brought that story about Charley Parkhurst alive! I discovered the ‘story’ in history. I knew right then and there what it was that I wanted to do and set out to do it. I found a local group of storytellers in my area, South Coast Storytellers Guild, which was giving a 6 week workshop on the Art of Storytelling. By the time I finished that 6 week course, I knew I had found the missing piece of my heart. And now, many many conferences and workshops later, I find that storytelling has become much more to me than just telling stories from history. It is a path I’ve chosen that takes me daily on a journey that I share with children and adults as I reach, teach and touch through the magic of story.

Words are the voice of the heart - Tuscarora

Since beginning her storytelling career in 1993, Linda King Pruitt has performed and taught storytelling throughout Southern California. A member of the National Storytelling Network and South Coast Storytellers Guild, she has told, taught, and lectured at elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Fullerton, Saddleback College, USC Fisher Gallery, UCLA Armand Hammer Museum, Bowers Museum, Bowers Kidseum, La Habra Children’s Museum and Huntington Beach Art Center, and has been featured on Mission Viejo T.V’s Storytime Theatre. Los Angeles World Storytelling Festival.

Linda has been an artist in residence since 1996 for the Fullerton School district program, All The Arts for All the Kids, and artist in residence for the Lawndale School District, providing professional development for their teachers as part of a Disney Learning Partnership Program.



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